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Bybit’s ISO 27001 Certification Bolsters Investor Protection

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Bybit, the cryptocurrency exchange, is now ISO 27001 certified certifiedin a recent press release.

ISO 27001 certified by Bybit

International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 27001 is a combination of various procedures for all organization despite of measuring. the framework focus on User protection system information in a cost-effective way.

ISO 27001 framework He is designed on Three principles, firstf on Confidentiality, ensuring that only authorized personnel who Right in the can access the necessary information. Besides, the emphasis on integrity is to ensure that only persons with It can alter the correct authorization appropriately information Store. this framework also Availability is seen, ie right information It should be accessible to the right person whenever the need arises.

with attainment of Globally recognized ISO 27001, Bybit is committed to information protection, risk Management efficiency f regulatory compliance. This can establish exchange as a vanguard on User safety, transparency and data security in crypto industry.

Ben Chu, Co-Founder and CEO of This certification proves its commitment to security, Bybit said:

“This certification is testament to our dedication to providing our customers with the highest level of protection possible. We are committed to protecting our clients’ funds via industry-leading Cold wallet and standalone custody solutions. Moreover, our wise management has witnessed us Increase our user base by 50% despite industry-wide headwinds. This testimony is an inspiration us To continue to offer nextopportunities across our large base of Institutional and individual clients.

security management system will be affected on May 18th. With ISO 27001 focus on information Security, this certificate is expected to be implemented and maintained best User protection practices assets.

strict standards for information It is difficult to pass a security management certification. To achieve this, Bybit had to dedicate itself to compliance, risk management and operational efficiency.

This serves as a guide for both retail users and institutional investors, boosting their confidence in Bybit operations.

Accreditation enhances security

Bybit ISO 27001 Certification increases exchanges ability To identify, assess and respond to potential security risks. through comprehensive risk evaluations and implementation of Appropriate security measures, Bybit mitigate risks of Major security breaches or incidents.

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