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Cairo and London Consult on Existential Threat to Egypt

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The Egyptian and British sides held a round of bilateral consultations on African issues and focused on efforts to maintain stability on the continent, considered the Egyptian vision regarding the Renaissance Dam and the stalemate in the negotiations on the part of Ethiopia.

On the Egyptian side, the discussions, which took place at the headquarters of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were chaired by the Assistant Secretary for Foreign Affairs for African Affairs, Ambassador Mohamed Al-Badri and the Director of the African Department of the British Foreign Office, Ambassador Simon Mustard and his accompanying delegation. This is stated in the statement of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

This tour takes place within the framework of communication and coordination between the Egyptian and British sides on issues and topics of mutual interest. The consultations included a wide participation of representatives of the sectors of the ministry dealing with African affairs and aspects related to cooperation and development on the continent.

In addition, the discussions also focused on a number of important issues of interest to both sides in Africa and efforts to maintain its stability, as views and visions were exchanged on water management issues, and the Egyptian side highlighted the existential priority that the question poses ” Renaissance Dam” is something that affects the lives of the people of all Egypt.

Source: Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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