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Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen Announces Resignation, Son Hun Manet to Assume Leadership

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Ziad Najjar
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Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen Announces His Retirement and Successor

Hun Sen’s Retirement and Succession Plan

In a recent speech, Cambodia’s long-standing Prime Minister, Hun Sen, revealed his intention to step down from his position. He announced that his son, Hun Manet, would take over as the new prime minister in the coming weeks. The official appointment of the new premier is scheduled for August 10.

The Rule of Hun Sen

Hun Sen has been the leader of Cambodia for nearly four decades. His ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) recently won a general election with little opposition. Despite his retirement as prime minister, Hun Sen plans to continue his role as the head of the ruling party and a member of the National Assembly.

Upcoming Government Proceedings

The newly elected parliament is set to convene on August 21. Following this, a new cabinet will be sworn in on August 22, as announced by Hun Sen.

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