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Canada bans TikTok on Phones and government agencies

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Canada banned use of Tik Tok on everyone government phones and other devices, citing concerns about the data protection.

TikTok, which parent Chinese company ByteDance has it faced Increased Western scrutiny in recent months over concerns about him how a lot access Beijing has user data.

Starting Tuesday, “TikTok removed from government- issued mobile hardware. users of These devices will also Being blocked from downloading the app in the future,” the government He said in a permit.

He. She added That the president of Canada information Officer” decided it represented an unacceptable standard of risk for privacy and security.”

Although there is no evidence of breaches of government Data associated with the app, she warned, “TikTok’s data collection methods save a great deal access for the contents of the phone.”

The European Commission has banned the app from equipment last week, after a similar moves in United State.

said a Canadian TikTok spokesperson decision The TikTok ban was “curious” because it was done “without mentioning any specific security concerns” or counseling with company.

Relations between China and Canada deteriorated sharply in recent years, especially after Canada arrest on American note of Huawei senior executive in 2018 and Chinese retaliation detention of Two Canadian citizens.

Last week, Canada’s privacy commissioner launched an investigation into TikTok over her group f use of personal users information.

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