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Canada’s neighborhood school board implements program to combat Islamophobia

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District School Authority in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has unanimously adopted a program against Islamophobia and hatred against Muslims.

“We have heard directly From our communities and our data to show Islamophobia continues to affect our students and staff on a regular said Rachel Chernous Lane, chair of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). in statement about vote.

“By taking a focused approach to confronting Islamophobia, we are empowered more members of Our school communities to feel safe and welcome at school and work. “

the board It serves approximately 235,000 students in Approximately from seventh to twelfth grade one in Five identify as Muslim.

the next step He is for the board To develop and age program. A schedule has not been released for implement it, however board will consult with groups to win ideas for inclusion in the strategy.

the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) – Canada’s largest Islamic advocate organization – B welcomed news.

“It was an Islamophobia incident on the rise across the country in The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood said, “In recent years,” in a news launch. “This includes within our classrooms in Toronto and beyond. It is time for our leaders to apply a real anti-Islamophobia strategy to help Protect our children. Muslim students should You don’t have to worry about safety and survive in Our classrooms and our schools.

Studies and reports on live experiences of Muslim students in Canadian school systems say us Islamophobia exists in In several ways, NCCM said real step in Right direction in TDSB Commitment to Equity and Inclusion.”

toronto board Do second To adopt a strategy to fight Islamophobia. In January, the Peel District School Board, which is just North West of Toronto, become first school board in Canada vote to set up Implementation of the fight against Islamophobia strategy.

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