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Cancelation of mass gatherings on Victory Day in Bryansk region

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Bryansk, May 3 – The district governor Alexander Bogomaz said in a telegram that the celebration of Victory Day in the Bryansk region will take place without a parade, parade of the Immortal Regiment and other public events, but the veterans will not be left without attention.
“This year we cannot spend the holiday as we would like – with a solemn parade of parade crews, a parade of generations, with portraits of our heroes in the column of the immortal regiment. But, despite the cancellation of mass festive events, veterans will not be left without attention,” the statement said.
The district chief explained that the most important thing during the celebrations is to ensure the safety of our citizens.
In the current situation, the main events dedicated to the 78th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War will be the traditional congratulations of veterans on the squares as part of the All-Russian “front brigade” action, the ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers at monuments to military glory and military cemeteries, the opening of the “Observation of Memory” regional. There will be a solemn rally “Live and remember!”.
Sign banning drone flights in Moscow - 1920, 03/05/2023

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The action “Immortal Regiment” this year will be held in several formats at once. Pictures with images of heroes can be placed on the car, clothes, windows of houses, uploaded to a specialized website, social networks.
“The example of the generation of veterans, the generation of winners, is very important for us who live today. Because it gives us faith and confidence in the great, strong, prosperous, indomitable and united Russia! In spite of everything, Victory Day was, remains and will be the main holiday for all residents of our Motherland !
S-400 in the Crimea - 1920, 01/05/2023

The Russian Air Defense Forces shot down a drone west of Crimea

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