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Cars with Kosovan number plates set ablaze by Serbs in Northern Kosovo.

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In northern Kosovo, the cars of the local Serbs were set on fire Reportedly by unknown persons over the issue of Kosovo Thursday scoreboards.

The vehicles, according to a statement, previously had Serbian registration plates, but attack It happened after they were re-registered with Kosovo registration plates, which are a current The dispute between the two countries.

“It was two cars set on fire in Country north on March 30 and 3 more vehicles After midnight on March 31st with RKS plates of the victims of serbian community. police teams He was on the location immediately to take action with authorized police units.”

authorities also They stated that they have opened an investigation and will provide security for the locals.

In November, Kosovo and Serbia reached an agreement to defuse tensions over license plates for Republic of Kosovo is controversial issue for Some compatriots, mainly Serbs who live in Northern Kosovo near the Serbian border. According to estimates made By the authorities, Serbia handed over illegal license plates for about 10,000 cars in Northern Kosovo.

Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia 15 years ago, and they were in the majority of Members of the United Nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Turkey, have done so. However, Serbia still considers it its own territory.

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