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Catering Representatives Cautioned by Federal Tax Service Head for Concealing Revenue

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Moscow, May 26 – The head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, Daniel Egorov, issued a warning to restaurant representatives who hide their revenue, stating that the agency does not want to “open the tax control chapter of the Tax Code.”
In July 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law exempting public catering enterprises from value-added tax starting in 2022, whose annual revenues do not exceed two billion rubles annually. This applies to restaurants, cafes, bars, fast food establishments, buffets, cafeterias, canteens, snack bars, cooking departments of these and other similar catering establishments, as well as catering. But the culinary departments of the retail business, as well as the purchasing business, cannot use this feature.
Restaurant workers - 1920, 11/11/2022

In Russia, a large-scale scheme to legalize income in public catering was exposed

And in November 2022, the Federal Tax Service of Russia, together with the Central Bank and Rosfinmonitoring, uncovered one of the largest shadow websites in Russia to hide and launder income in the catering sector. The operation of the site was based on replacing non-cash cash flow with cash generated.
“With regard to public catering, we calculated that we received 2.5 billion rubles in net taxes from the industry because of this, let’s call it, Microtax maneuver. But at the same time, we see companies that do not show revenue in public catering. We are far from what we dreamed of. Really open the tax supervision chapter of the tax law in this part, but otherwise there will be unequal competition, so we will take this as China’s last warning.” Small and Medium Business Organization Opora Rossii.
Yegorov also added that, according to the Federal Tax Service, one of the main problems of “whitewashing” is labor taxes. “They place a serious burden on enterprises in which the share of labor costs (and in a small business a more frequent occurrence) is higher than that borne by an ordinary company, mining company, etc. These are personal income tax and insurance premiums.”
As part of the forum, the head of the Federal Tax Service also touched on the topic of measures to support small businesses. “Last year, a platform for debt restructuring was created, which brought together all creditors from 2,000 organizations that applied for help. 62% of them were small businesses. In total, 670 billion rubles were provided in installments, which allowed them to cover a cash gap, he continued. work and saving more than 120,000 employees.
“At the same time, as of today, 96 kopecks of every ruble has already entered the budget on schedule, that is, 592 billion rubles have been paid off. No company has gone bankrupt after restructuring, which means that this is an even bigger plus for budgets, ”noting that Small businesses provide a fifth of the federal budget’s revenue.
A waiter prepares a cocktail in a nightclub - 1920, 05/17/2023

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation proposed imposing a “restaurant fee” in favor of NWO participants

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