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Characteristics of Egyptian Army’s New Weapons

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The Egyptian armed forces received the MEKO-A200 frigate, built by the German company TKMS, into service with the German RLS. This frigate is preparing to protect the deposits and wealth of Egypt at sea.

The aforementioned MEKO-A200 frigate is a German multi-role medium-displacement frigate with heavy weapons, a maximum displacement of 3,700 tons, a maximum speed using the entire propulsion system of 54 kilometers per hour, a flight range of 13.3 thousand kilometers at a single speed of 29.6 kilometers per hour, and crew from 100 to 120 people, incl. the helicopter has an active crew on board and can accommodate 50 special forces troops and can be at sea for 28 days before returning for refueling and resupply.

The frigate is equipped with the main Swedish-made Sea Giraffe radar, which can simultaneously track more than 200 air and 400 surface targets.

The frigate can also carry two helicopters for anti-submarine missions, as well as small drones for reconnaissance and surveillance, as well as two light boats for special forces missions.

The armament of the frigate includes 8 Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers, a 127 mm Mk-45 Mod 2 cannon, 3 Phalanx anti-aircraft guns, 324 mm torpedoes and acoustic radars.

The new multi-mission frigate has (6800) nautical miles and a maximum speed of (28) knots, an overall length of (121.6) meters and a displacement of (3931) tons, and has many technical features and modern weapons systems allowing it to perform all combat missions at sea in peacetime and wartime, as well as combat various maritime threats (surface-air-underwater), combat smuggling and illegal immigration, and protect the various natural resources of the country at sea, which makes its huge technological addition to the capabilities of the naval forces and supports their ability to protect the national security of Egypt.

Source: RT

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