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ChatGPT Developer Urges for AI Regulation to Address Growing Concerns

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Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, developer of ChatGPT, stressed the need for a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence before the US Senate on Tuesday.

Altman, during a U.S. Senate hearing on the impact of artificial intelligence, urged Congress to introduce new rules for big tech companies despite bitter political divisions that have prevented legislation aimed at regulating the Internet sector for years.

“We believe that regulatory intervention from governments will be necessary to mitigate the risks associated with models that are becoming increasingly reliable,” Altman said, citing issues such as misinformation and job cuts.

He added: “Open AI was based on the belief that artificial intelligence can improve almost all aspects of our lives, but it also poses serious risks,” while he stressed that the artificial intelligence developed by Open AI will be able to solve “some of the biggest challenges facing humanity, such as climate change and cancer cures.”

Members of the Council expressed serious concern about the implications of the development of artificial intelligence, as Senator Richard Blumenthal opened the hearing with an audio message very similar to his voice, which included a recitation of text prepared by computer software.

Blumenthal added, “If you were listening from home, you might think it was my voice and my words, but that voice was not really my voice,” pointing out that AI technology “is more than just research “. experiments, and this is no longer science fiction fantasy. It is real and present” before us.

The Chat GBT software generated widespread interest in the world in generative artificial intelligence after it went live late last year due to its ability to create complex texts such as emails, articles and poems, or news programs or translations. , in just a few seconds, but by posting fake images. On social media, more real than real photos created by apps like Midjourney warn of the dangers of manipulating public opinion.

The scientists also called for the development of stronger systems to be put on hold until legislation is passed that better regulates them.

Source: AFP

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