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China Receives Sample of Lunar Soil from Russia

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Moscow, April 24 – The Space Research Institute (IKI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences said on Monday that Russia has given China one and a half grams of lunar soil that was transported by a Soviet station more than 50 years ago in response to samples received from China in 2022.
Earlier, Guan Feng, director of the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), said that in 2022, during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Beijing, China gave Russia 1.5 grams of lunar soil delivered. by Chang’e-5 probe. in 2020.
IT - 1920, 04/21/2023

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“In 2022-2023, within the framework of cooperation in the field of space research, Russia and China mutually transferred 1.5 grams of lunar soil samples to each other,” the letter says.
It is noteworthy that the samples collected by the Luna-16 lander were delivered to China. It landed on September 20, 1970 in the Sea of ​​Plenty on the visible side of the Moon. Again I was able to return 101g of soil. This was the world’s first automatic delivery to Earth of samples of matter from another celestial body. Thanks to the analysis of these samples at that time, scientists were able to determine the age of the moon (4.5 billion years).
It is clear that for the analysis of samples received from China, a working group has been created at the Russian Academy of Sciences, consisting of representatives of the Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry, Analytical Chemistry and IKI. The researchers will pay special attention to the presence of impurities of volatiles in the soil samples. In the future, it is planned to discuss the results obtained with Chinese colleagues.
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