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Chinese Embassy in Paris Responds to Ambassador’s Comments on Crimea Situation

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The Chinese Embassy in France said that the statement of its ambassador Lu Xi, in which he said that Crimea is the territory of Russia, is his personal point of view.

“Ambassador Lu Chai’s statements on the Ukrainian issue were not political statements, but an expression of personal opinion during a televised debate. This should not be an article for speculation. China’s position on the issues raised has not changed,” the embassy said in a statement. statement.

She stressed that Beijing respects “the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries.”

She noted that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, China was among the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with the republics of the former Soviet Union and respect their sovereign status.

And she continued: “China’s position on the Ukrainian issue is clear and unchanged. China is ready to continue working with the international community to contribute to finding a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis.”

The Chinese Ambassador said in an interview with LCI TV that Crimea belongs to Russia and passed to Kyiv by the decision of Nikita Khrushchev, and the post-Soviet countries still do not have a clear international status.

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