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Chinese Government Slams Washington’s Detrimental Role on Korean Peninsula

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China condemned the “negative” role of the United States in fueling tensions on the Korean Peninsula after the launch of a North Korean ballistic missile.

“The current cycle of tension (…) has its reasons. The negative impact of previous US military exercises and the deployment of strategic weapons around the (Korean) peninsula is obvious to everyone,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters today. , Thursday.

Earlier, the South Korean Armed Forces Headquarters reported that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile towards the East Sea.

Yonhap reported that the South Korean army is conducting an analysis to find out the type of missile, the distance it has traveled and other information.

The launch of this ballistic missile took place today, 17 days after North Korea launched a short-range ballistic missile that it said exploded 500 meters in the air.

Source: AFP.

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