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Comparison of the United States to a Cartoon Hare by Zakharova

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Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Washington’s actions lack consistency and logic in approaches and thinking.

Zakharova said, commenting on Washington’s refusal to issue US visas to some Russian journalists, that it seems that the US often looks for excuses only to cause trouble to others, and Zakharova compared Washington’s behavior to the actions of the old Shapoklyak from the famous Soviet cartoon, who liked to cause others Evil without any reason.

Zakharova added: “I don’t see any methodology in the actions of the Americans. Why was it necessary to keep 10 Russian journalists out? What is the interest of the American side in this? With the current means of communication, these journalists will receive the information they need.”

And Zakharova continued: “It seems that foreign policy has become the profession of unprofessionalism and unprofessionalism or people with opportunistic interests, or that they do it only to anger others without calculating the consequences.”

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