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Conditions for Good Sleep as Determined by the Doctor

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Dr. Chhota Kalandia, a gastroenterologist, said that there are rules to help reduce the period of sleep, but at the same time improve the quality of sleep.

In an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, the doctor indicates that it is necessary to allocate 7-9 hours of sleep per day and observe a fixed sleep schedule.

He says: “Many people sleep longer on holidays than on weekdays to make up for the lack of sleep that has accumulated. Of course, on holidays a person can sleep 1-2 hours more, but he must be aware that this can lead to a breakdown. biological cycles.
The doctor draws attention to the fact that daytime sleep can have a negative or positive effect on nighttime sleep. According to him, sleep during the day should not be after 4 p.m. and should not exceed 30-40 minutes. Such a dream helps to restore strength and compensate for the lack of sleep at night.

He says: “A sedentary lifestyle contributes to sleep disturbance because the body may not feel the need for rest. However, before going to bed, it is recommended to exclude physical activity, as this can complicate sleep and affect its quality.

It is also recommended not to have dinner late, as dinner should be at least two hours before going to bed, provided that its calorie content does not exceed 20 percent of the total daily calorie intake.

He says: “The process of digestion requires energy, so if a person overeats at night, the body is actively working at this time, which can also affect the quality of sleep and awakening in the morning. In addition, eating at night can lead to a breakdown in proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. substances, and can also cause heartburn and nausea.

According to him, it is also not recommended to sleep on an empty stomach, as this can lead to gastrointestinal diseases, and the feeling of hunger causes sleep disturbances.

In addition to abstaining from eating and smoking two hours before bedtime, you should refrain from using your smartphone. Because the blue light emitted by its screen causes disturbances in the production of melatonin, and its constant use irritates the nervous system.

He says: “It is necessary that the bed is comfortable, and the room is completely dark and without noise. Two hours before bedtime, bright light should be avoided and lighting should be reduced. In addition, the temperature in the bedroom should be 20 degrees Celsius or lower.”

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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