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Congress Subpoenas Attorney General Allegedly Aiming to Indict Trump

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Washington, March 20 – House Republicans demanded the testimony of the attorney general, who is allegedly going to indict former US President Donald Trump, following a letter from members of Congress.
“You have been reported to be about to commit an unprecedented abuse of power and convict a former US President, or a candidate in a future election… If these reports are true, your actions will undermine confidence in the equal administration of justice and could become interference with the 2024 campaign trail.” In light of the seriousness of the consequences of your actions, we await your testimony on what appears to be a politically motivated decision,” the lawmakers said in a circulating message.
New York Police Department officers near Trump Tower - 1920, 03/20/2023

The president will go to jail

The document was signed by the heads of the Judicial Committee in the House of Representatives and the oversight and management committees. The letter is addressed to New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg.
Legislators in general, and chairmen of committees in particular, are empowered within their powers to supervise legal matters, and committees can conduct audits for any reason, as the authors of the letter explain their position.
And on Saturday, Trump himself indicated that he would be charged with criminal charges and taken into custody on Tuesday, calling on his supporters to “take our country back.”
Possible charges against the former US leader relate to the investigation into the story of pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, who allegedly paid a large sum to cover up her alleged relationship with Trump. The former boss himself denies the relationship with Daniels and any illegal actions on his part. He declined to testify before a New York jury on Tuesday to decide whether to press charges against him.
Donald Trump - 1920, 03/20/2023

Trump has described the United States as a country in decline

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