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Conservative MP Boris Johnson Resigns from Position

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Moscow, June 9 – Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is stepping down as a Conservative Member of Parliament, Sky News reported, citing a statement from the politician.
“Therefore, today I have written to my union in Uxbridge and Ruislip South (a constituency) to inform them that I am resigning with immediate effect and commencing a by-election immediately,” Johnson said in a statement released by the television channel.
NATO headquarters building - 1920, 09/06/2023

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According to Sky News, the former prime minister made such a decision after receiving the results of an independent public inquiry into Downing Street parties in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
Johnson announced on 7 July 2022 his resignation as Prime Minister and Chair of the Conservative Party of Great Britain on 6 September, after which Liz Truss took over as Prime Minister. She held office until October 24, and her successor and third British prime minister in 2022 is Rishi Sunak, Britain’s youngest prime minister since 1812 and the country’s first prime minister of Indian origin.
US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak - 1920, 09/06/2023

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Johnson’s case is currently under investigation after police received new allegations that he breached anti-COVID restrictions.
In March 2023, Johnson testified before the Parliamentary Privileges Committee as part of the ongoing Covid party inquiry. The former prime minister apologized for misleading parliament, but said it was done unintentionally.
The scandal erupted around events that took place at the government headquarters in Downing Street during a nationwide lockdown announced due to the coronavirus. The situation worsened when it was revealed that two more concerts would take place on 16 April 2021 – the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, when restrictions were still in place in the UK, and national mourning had also been declared. Johnson later apologized and said he had paid the fine, which was issued by the Metropolitan Police.
Vodovzvodnaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin and the Grand Kremlin Palace - 1920, 05/31/2023

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