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Continued Fighting Despite Sudan’s Decision to Prolong Fragile Truce

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Two of Sudan’s top generals agreed to extend the shaky truce, but the violence continued already Killing hundreds continued on Thursday.

Armed fighters attacked through a city in Devastated by the war in Sudan region of Darfur on Thursday, fighting each other and loot shops And homes, residents said.

the mayhem in Darfur city of Genena pointed out how rival generals fight for controls in The capital, Khartoum, was heading towards violence in other parts of Sudan.

Both sides agreed to an extension of 72 hours of Armistice late Thursday. The agreement, which was brokered by the United States and Saudi Arabia, did not stop the fighting but it created enough of calm for tens of thousands of Sudanese to flee to safer areas and for Foreign countries to evacuate hundreds of their citizens by land, air And the sea.

Stop-fire has led to a significant relief of fighting in Khartoum and its vicinity city Omdurman for the first time ago military and paramilitary competition force The clash began on April 15, the conversion of residential quarters to battlegrounds.

Both the military, led by General Abdel Fattah Burhan, and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, commanded by Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, late Thursday accepted the extension. of truce.

United States Minister of state anthony blinking, who He has spoken repeatedly with Both generals, had earlier recognized the border of Armistice while he said he was determined to extend it.

We have a 72-hour moratorium.fireany like Most cease-fires are incomplete, but they are nonetheless incomplete reduced He said.

Meanwhile, the White House encouraged Americans to take advantage of No chance to leave Sudan in the next From 24 to 48 hoursEven as Washington did faced Cash for No mounting type of Mass evacuation of its citizens already Pregnancy out by other countries.

“We are constantly working on creativity options for Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said that American citizens are leaving Sudan. And she warned that “the situation could deteriorate at any moment.”

United State defense official The destroyer USS Truxtun, US Navy, said she in The Red Sea off the coast of Sudan, and the USNS Brunswick, a fast Transport ship, expected to arrive at the coast later on Thursday. The USS Lewis B. Puller, an expedition ship, is to the south in The Red Sea north.

The officialf who Wire on condition of Anonymity for the ongoing discussion military Operations, he said nothing of Ships received orders so far pick up citizens or others personnel.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly urged the citizens of the United Kingdom who want To depart to get to the airport north of Khartoum for evacuation flights. “The situation could deteriorate over He warned that in the “coming days” Britain said it had evacuated 897 people people on eight trips to cyprus, with Operations are ongoing.

The fighting continued in some parts of DC despite the armistice, and in the West region of Darfur residents said the violence had escalated to its worst level yet.

Darfur was a battleground between military and Rapid Support Forces since the start of the conflict nearly two weeks ago. Fighting residents said in Jenina was swaying now in Tribal militias, taking advantage of the ancient hatred between the two regions main Communities – one Which defines as Arab, and the other East or Central Africa.

In the early 2000s, African tribes in Darfur has long complained of Discrimination rebellion against Khartoum government, which responded with a military campaign which the International Criminal Court later said amounted to genocide. State-backed Arab militias known as the Janjaweed were accused of Murder, rape and other atrocities spread. Janjaweed later evolved in rsf.

Early Thursday Fighters who Mostly dressed in RSF uniforms, they attacked several neighborhoods in Geneina, driving many families out of their homes homes. Violence escalated as tribal fighters mounted joining fight in Elgin, A.; city of around half million people It is located near the border with Chad.

“The attacks come from all sides,” said Amani, a resident of Geneina. who request to be withheld family name for Ha safety. “Everyone flees.”

It was often not clear who was fighting who, with Mix of The RSF and tribal militias are some allies of Some Rapid Support Forces opponents – Everything is going rampant. the military Largely withdrawn to its barracks, it remained out of Clashes and the population was taking up Dr. Salah Tour a board member of Doctors Syndicate in West Darfur State, of Any Genena is its capital.

The guild numbered dozens of people Hundreds were killed and wounded. Almost everyone of Medical facilities in Genena, incl main hospital, it was out of service for days, the only functioning hospital can not be reached because of Fighting.

“Criminal gangs” plunder main Hospital, robbery vehicles And equipment And smash the hospital blood bank union said.

some fighters on Motorcycles roamed the streets, destroying and looting offices. shops And homes, many residents said.

“It’s burnt out earth said political activist Adam Haroun in West Darfur, speaking on the phone with the sound of shooting in times drowning out for him voice.

Aaron and other residents said that city’s main Opens-air market It was quite destroyed. Government offices and aid agency compounds have been repeatedly vandalized and burned, including United Nations buildings and headquarters. of Sudanese Red Crescent.

Two main camps for displaced people It was burned downand its occupants – basically women And children Abdul Shafei Abdullah A. said senior member of local group Helps manage camps.

in another place in Darfur, there have been sporadic clashes in particular in Nyala, the capital of South Darfur state, where thousands have fled homesAbdalla said.

At least 512 people, including civilians and combatants in Sudan since April 15 with The Sudanese Ministry of Health said that 4,200 were injured. The Medical Association, which tracks civilian casualties, recorded at least 295 dead and 1,790 wounded.

while, in Khartoum, residents reported gunfire and explosions in some parts of Capital on Thursday. They said the military and its warplanes bombed the locations of the Rapid Support Forces in Upscale neighborhood of camphor. The Rapid Support Forces confirmed their camp in The neighborhood was bombed.

Many of them struggling To get food and water, the electricity is cut off off across a lot of Khartoum and other cities. Multiple aid agencies have had to suspend operations. Lest the fighting escalate at once moreSudanese and foreigners flocked to it escape.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said that 14,000 Sudanese have fled to Egypt. Long lines of Buses keep forming at the border, dozens of thousands more They went to other neighbors countries or the Red Sea city of Port Sudan tries to catch ferries bound for Saudi Arabia.

Hassan Ali is a Dutch citizen who made to city of Larnaca in Cyprus on evacuation flight, according to the Associated Press that he spent days trapped in the home in Khartoum. Most areas do not have water and electricity is only intermittent.

“Most of The time we (we) are closed home Unless you go for Something really urgent, food, medicine. That’s it,” he said. Many sought shelter in Hospitals, though of Hospitals are also under attack from both sides.”

“the people are just left Everything behind,” He said of those who leave. “nothing cashnothing money. You just Take your bag.”

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