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Controversy Erupts After Al-Ittihad Coach’s Statement on Maravan Attia

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Serbian coach Zoran Manulović, Al Ittihad’s Alexandria coach, made some scathing remarks and also sparked controversy with a fiery statement about the former Al Ittihad player and star Al Ahli The current one is Maravan Attia.

Maravan Attia joined the club Al Ahli During the last winter transfers, he moved from the Alexandrian club Al-Ittihad.

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Al-Ittihad coach sparks controversy with Maravan Attia statement

Al-Ittihad Alexandria coach Zoran Manolovic confirmed that he agreed with the club president’s decision to leave Maravan Attia, and also said that he did not cry because of his departure.

Al-Ittihad coach Zoran said in a statement to MBC Egypt: “Endorsing the departure of Maravan Attiya? I agreed with the decision of the president of the club to leave Maravan Attia, because the player really wanted to leave.

And he continued: “If there is a young player who wants to leave, let him leave.”

And he continued: “I’m not crying because of the departure of Maravan Attia or any other player. I know that he is a great player, but I also have great players who can show themselves.”

And the Al Ittihad coach summed up: “You see the results that are being achieved, and indeed the team is improving from match to match, striding with more confidence, achieving positive results both in our stadium and outside it.”

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