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Controversy sparked by Messi’s arrival in Barcelona with 15 bags!

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Argentine star Lionel Messi has intensified rumors about his future and the possibility of his return to Barcelona after he arrived in the Catalan city with his family yesterday Saturday.

Spanish journalist Gerard Romero, who is close to the management of FC Barcelona, ​​revealed via his Twitter account that “Messi arrived (yesterday) on Saturday in Barcelona with 15 bags, accompanied by his family, Pepe Costa and his assistants. This is not an ordinary visit by the Argentine star to Barcelona because Pepe Costa keeps 15 suitcases.

He added: “Considering previous visits, Messi this time left through a different airport door so that no one in Barcelona could see him.”

He continued: “Messi is as close as ever to a return to Barcelona, ​​but we have to be careful in the coming days because movements are possible.”

And Spanish reports have confirmed earlier that Barcelona have a strong desire to reinstate Messi next summer on the basis of a two-season deal.

Messi left the Catalan team he grew up with in the summer of 2021 before joining France’s Paris Saint-Germain.

The flea’s contract with the Parisian team expires at the end of the current season, and until that moment the Argentine star has not renewed his contract or signed with any club.

Source: Gerard Romero account.

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