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Controversy Surrounds Cristiano Ronaldo Following Prostration Incident, According to World Newspapers

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Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo sparked controversy after he fell prostrate in his Al-Nasr team’s match against Al-Shabab in the Saudi Roshen League yesterday.

As a result, the don was featured in most of the world’s newspapers from yesterday, Tuesday, until today, when they featured a picture of the prostration of the player in their headlines.

The Madeira Rocket contributed to the international team’s victory at the expense of their youth counterpart, scoring the third winning goal in the match that brought them together.

On Tuesday evening, the course of the match took place, which brought the Al-Nasr team with its youth colleague as part of the 28th round of the Saudi League Roshan 2022-2023.

The landlord moved forward, scoring three goals against two against the guests: the victory was scored by Anderson Talisca, Abdel Rahman Gharib and Cristiano Ronaldo, and the youngster Cristian Guanca scored two goals.

It is worth noting that Al-Alami has maintained its presence in second place in the Saudi League standings with 63 points and is 3 points behind leader Jeddah Union with 66 points.

After the prostration of Cristiano Ronaldo, world newspapers raise controversy about the Portuguese!

And the British Daily Mail newspaper wrote that the Madeira rocket delighted its fellow Saudi team with the performance of this celebration before hosting its famous and well-known SIU celebration.

She, of course, added that the Portuguese don’s happiness after the goal was huge due to the fact that he saved his team from losing the remaining championship in order to finish the season with dignity and win the title.

And about the prostration scene, the Daily Mail commented and wrote: “Ronaldo celebrated his goal with Al Nasr by prostrating himself to please his Al Nasr teammates, then he continued this with his famous celebration (SIU) “.

While the British website Talk Sport posted: “Al-Nasr and his current fans were hysterically celebrating Ronaldo’s goal, but the player’s prostration made them even more excited.”

And he continued: “The Real Madrid and Manchester United legend turned back years after receiving the ball from midfield and getting past Al Shabaab defenders before sending a terrific ball into the net.”

Regarding the British Daily Star newspaper, she added: “Chris returns to the top of the rebound with a stunning goal that completes the return of victory. Ronaldo reminded us of one of the most famous goals he scored in European stadiums, how he took the ball and arched from the edge to the edge of the penalty area and scored a stunning goal.

And the NNN Foundation of America concluded by saying, “The Portuguese superstar celebrated by prostrating herself with her face turned to the ground towards the Qibla,” which is a celebration held by many Muslim players.

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