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Court of Appeal presents new challenge amidst Juventus setbacks.

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The Italian Federal Court of Appeal has announced its decision regarding the financial irregularities it found at the Italian club Juventus.

The prosecutor’s office demanded this morning to deduct 11 points from the old woman, and it was decided to deduct only 10 points from the club’s balance.

Juventus are considering appealing the penalty

Cristiano Ronaldo

The management of the old woman received the decision of the Italian Federal Court of Appeal to write off 10 points from the club’s balance.

And club officials are exploring the possibility of a new appeal against the court’s decision, as was done earlier in the season when the decision was made to deduct points from the team.

Previously, a decision was made to write off 15 points from the balance of the old woman, before the administration filed an appeal and was able to return the deducted points from the club’s balance.

The Italian club have amassed 59 points with 3 matches remaining this season, making it very difficult for the team to qualify for the Champions League.

The team was in second place in the Italian standings, ahead of this opponent, with 69 points, and if they managed to win shortly after Empoli, the team’s ranking would rise to fifth place, which the players of the team aspire for the opportunity to participate in any European championship .

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