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Cristiano Ronaldo sanctioned for disrespecting Al Hilal supporters during Riyadh derby

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Press reports reveal punishment the Portuguese star could receive Cristiano Ronaldoplayer of the Saudi Al-Nasr team, after a shameful step towards Al-Hilal fans.

Al-Hilal played against Al-Nasr in the Riyadh derby last Tuesday night and the match ended with Al-Zaim winning with two unanswered goals, with exciting developments taking place minutes after the match.

Al-Zaim raised his result to 49 points, finishing fourth in the table. Arranged by Dori Roshen Saudi Arabia, ahead of Al-Alami by 4 points, took second place.

Where Ronaldo, a former Real Madrid player, insulted the Al Hilal fans present in the stands, who chanted the name of the Argentine Lionel Messi as he left the King Fahd International Stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo suspended and fined

And international law professor Nouf Bint Ahmed filed a “petition” with the prosecutor’s office to have Ronaldo deported from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in what she called a “scandalous act.”

However, sports lawyer Ayman Al-Rifai, former head of the discipline and ethics committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Association, denied the possibility of transferring the player to the prosecutor’s office.

And he announced through his official Twitter account that Cristiano Ronaldo’s “shameful” movement, if proven guilty, falls under the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary and Ethical Committee in accordance with the provisions of Article 48, because it took place within the framework of sports association-approved competitions and in the stadium.

The former head of the discipline and ethics committee confirmed that Ronaldo’s move is not under the jurisdiction of the prosecutor’s office, which will formally dismiss the petition.

Al-Rifai explained the type of punishment expected against Ronaldo and indicated that it would be a “suspension” for a period of two matches with a fine of 20,000 Saudi Riyals.

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