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Cristiano Ronaldo Seeks Glory in Ten Hag’s Words

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Ten Hag spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo’s quest for glory when he met Sunday night with the team Manchester United With his counterpart Liverpool in the twenty-sixth round of the English Premier League 2022-2023.

On the territory of the Anfield stadium, the stronghold of the Reds, an exciting meeting with Manchester United unfolded, ending with a heavy score of seven-nil in favor of Liverpool.

And the Dutch coach has already stated Eric ten HagThe Manchester United coach at the post-match press conference on the departure of the Portuguese star Cristiano RonaldoAbout the ranks of the red devils and his translation into the Saudi victory.

And when the Dutchman was asked if he felt United lacked discipline at the time of Cristiano’s departure, he replied: “Yes, to be honest, the big players don’t just like order on the pitch, and so your rules need to be set. “

He added: “When discipline is missing and leniency spreads, chaos spreads, which is reflected in performance on the pitch.”

The Dutchman confirmed: “I had my reasons, I was aware of the consequences of my decision, even if a negative result was achieved, but I did not feel anxiety, I slept well that night.”

He concluded: “It is necessary to make decisions that are in the interests of the club and also to face the consequences and know their consequences.”

Ten Hag talks about Cristiano Ronaldo in search of glory! That’s what the player said

Despite Ten Hag’s claims that the departure of the Portuguese Don did not affect Manchester; However, he faced a bitter setback against Liverpool, who thrashed his side in a humiliating result, although United had previously beaten the Reds in the first round of the Premier League by two goals to one with Ronaldo.

It is worth noting that the current star of the Saudi Al-Nasr team has previously stated that all people who seek fame and want their name in the headlines of the news papers talk about him and mention his name.

In a related context in the 2015 European Champions League, former Barcelona star Brazilian Dani Alves ridiculed after his Spanish team reached the Champions League final by saying (laughs) “Calma, Calma, Cristiano always does that”, meaning the Portuguese. way of celebrating.

Barcelona won the European Champions League at the expense of the Italian Juventus in the 2015 season, after the old lady eliminated her opponent. real Madrid In the semi-final with a score of three goals against two goals on aggregate of the two matches he scored Cristiano Ronaldo in favor of meringue.

And after Barça managed to clinch the title in 2015 for the fifth time in their history, Spanish star then-Barcelona player Gerard Piqué also made fun of how Ronaldo celebrated “Calma, Calma” while celebrating the coronation of the Champions League.

Similarly, the Portuguese star was asked if Piqué and Elvis’s constant talking and taunting about him bothered him, and he responded, “It’s okay.”

The Madeira Rocket concluded her speech by saying, “Why don’t they talk? Anyone who talks about Chris or mentions his name becomes famous the next day and hits the headlines.”

It is clear that Ronaldo still has his own opinion on this matter, and the Dutch coach Erik ten Hag is looking for fame and headlines, so he spoke about the Portuguese star.

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