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Cristiano Ronaldo Surprised by Victory Star’s Statement

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Ali Al-Hassan, midfielder for Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr, surprised his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo with a breathtaking statement after Al-Alami’s two-to-one victory over rival Abhay on Matchday 21. Liga Roshan 2022-2023.

With this result, Al-Nasr’s balance increased to 49 points, finishing second in the Saudi League Roshan league table, while Abhi’s balance sheet froze at 23 points in twelfth place in the ranking ladder.

Madeira’s rocket helped Al-Alami win three points after scoring the team’s first goal from a free kick, with fellow Anderson Talisca scoring the second goal from a penalty kick.

Victory star surprised Cristiano Ronaldo with this statement

Ali Al-Hassan said on TV: “Praise God, this is a difficult match and it is difficult to beat the same opponent in a short period. We won and scored 3 important points. The team spirit decided the victory in the second half.”

And he concluded: “Ronaldo inspired us and created a positive attitude, and we are back to the match. We are a big club and any non-competitor will play 100%, but we are fighting for a win and 3 points.”

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