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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Partner Continues to Push Boundaries with Bold Photos in Saudi Arabia

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Model Georgina Rodriguez, partner of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, the Saudi leader of Al-Nasr, has posted a new photo of her wearing a cross to antagonize the Saudis.

A few days ago, Georgina posted a photo on her Instagram account of herself wearing a cross that could not be determined if it was silver or white gold, and attached it to the comment: “God protect those who trust him.” This came after widespread rumors of a crisis between her and Ronaldo.

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Posted by Georgina Rodriguez (@georginagio)

And this image caused outrage among some Saudis, who considered it disrespectful to their feelings to publish a photo of her, which depicts a cross.

Despite criticism of the Spanish-Argentine model by her Saudi and Arab followers at the time, Georgina shrugged off the outburst, insisting on a re-release of a similar, hotter shot.

And Georgina posted, through the Al-Astori feature on her Instagram account, a photo of herself wearing a new diamond cross logo necklace.

It seems that the Spanish-Argentinean model has published her new image with a cross as part of the media campaign of the famous Italian jewelry brand Pasquale Bruni.

Georgina Rodriguez has also posted other daring photos of herself through the Al-Astori feature.

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