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Cryptocurrencies Market Cools Down, Resulting in 12% Drop in 24 Hours for This RNDR Up

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Over the past week, it was RNDR one of best performing projects with another day in Gainer leaderboards, according to CoinMarketCap.

In the last 24 hoursembodiment token (RNDR) increased by another 12.62% with a total trading amount of $280,949,445.

Move to Solana

Over the last week, RNDR, f native token of Render, a decentralized cloud computing platform, has seen a boom of over 62%. this spike Attributed to successful completion of RNP-002 and RNP-003 votes by Render’s community.

RNP-002 is the proposal of turned towards building the network using Rust on summit of Solana networkwhich was submitted to Render community. RNP-002 enabled execution of BME model Within the Solana Ecosystem.

the move would enable protocol To take advantage of Solana’s great admiration speed lower transaction costs.

RNP-003, also Known as resource acquisition and allocation for essence team and grants, that would enable Render to acquire and allocate resources to develop their ecosystem.

After this it will be approved of Enterprise votesand then I will render update both of them events as “Agreed” on Roadmap in to prepare for full activation.

K resultRender is expected to implement BME model within the Solana ecosystem, which will enable protocol To take advantage of Solana’s great admiration speed lower transaction costs.

in order to attend for is expected future demand and measure it networkthe developers of Render platform recognized need to move Away from Solidity and Ethereum.

faster transaction times for Continuous gain

Given that Solana can process thousands of transactions for each second in the middle cost of Less than $0.01, Render predicts that the integration will be lead for faster processing times for its users and reduce transaction costs significantly.

track this announcementRNDR price get over it various Resistance levels, the establishment of a clear The breakout is above its 2023 yearly high, according to TradingView data. Currently, RNDR is trading at $2.54, which indicates a gain of more from 615% for the year.

Currently, Render has managed to hold onto its gains and maintain a positive trend, despite the volatility in the price of bitcoin. but, in the event of a market Recoil It’s hard to tell where he’s going to leave price of RNDR.

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