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Dagestan Deputy Confesses to Creating the Velvet Pulls Meme

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MAKHACHKALA, April 10 – The deputy of the Dagestan City Council Kizlyar Gadzhimurad Rabadanov admitted to the News Agency that he was the author of the meme phrase “What kind of cuteness is so velvety,” and told when and under what circumstances the audio message became popular made.
In the spring, an audio recording spread in the Russian segment of the Internet, in which a man says: “What kind of thrusts are these, velvet thrusts, guys. , but I just want to say: meow, boys, meow. Voice messages have become a trend in social networks, “Velvet” and “keftem” were stolen in memes.
“I sent this audio message either at the end of 2016, or at the beginning of 2017, to a group on WhatsApp, where there were friends and friends from the university. I drank a little, was in a state of euphoria and shared with the guys what happened to me in these the moment “.
Often the audio recording is superimposed on photos and videos of funny shoes – pointed shoes with car logos, sneakers with three-striped heels, shoes in the shape of an animal, and so on. However, according to the deputy, the phrase “velvet traction” has nothing to do with shoes and generally does not carry a specific meaning.
Rabadanov does not know who distributed his audio message. “Some members of the group apparently thought that sound was funny, and apparently he sent it to someone,” the source said. He admitted that at first it was not his desire to have his voice so widely spread on social networks, but over time he got used to it.
“Every day, no matter how I go to any social network, someone sends videos with my voice. At first, I didn’t want people to know that it was my voice. I didn’t like this fame. Light. But a person gets used to everything. And I I’m used to it, and now I’m starting to treat it with humor, ”added Rabadanov.
Construction helmet - 1920, 02/10/2023

The Vladimir administration commented on the meme with the deputy mayor’s headdress

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