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Deadly shooting at Kentucky bank leaves 5 dead and 6 injured

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five people were killed and six Others, including a police officer, were injured in shooting a bank in United State city of Louisville, Kentucky, according to a police statement released Monday.

Police wrote on Twitter that the calls had been received in Around 8:30 am (1230 GMT) for And “active assailant” at the Old National Bank in Louisville, the largest city in Southern state, these officers were on the scene in “minutes.”

“five people It was confirmed that she was killed inside. at least six They were taken to the university of Louisville Hospital, incl one officer with various A police spokesman told a news conference: “He can’t confirm the condition of wounded.

“nothing active danger to public The spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Paul L. Humphrey “at this time.”

There is no file anymore active threat of the aggressor. The police department has confirmed that the suspected shooter has been neutralized.” on Twitter, while urging residents to stay put clear of the area.

the incident triggered Huge police deployment outside old national bank building.

CNN reported that some people He was able to take refuge in the bank vault And they close themselves in – Call the police from the inside.

Fox affiliate WDRB cited a witness saying she heard several gunshots and glass breaking during this in Ha car At an intersection near the site of shooting.

gunfire broke out, likeright over my head said the woman, who She only gave her name, Debbie. “When I turned around, I saw it one of the windows in the bank was blown up out,” she added.

Andy Beshear tweeted that he was heading to the scene, adding: “Please pray for everyone of Families influenced and for the city of Louisville”.

The United States is a country of about 330 million peoplesoaked with About 400 million rifles and deadly mass shooting a regular incident.

efforts to tighten gun controls Owns for years run up against Opposing republicans are staunch defenders of America’s constitutional right to bear arms. The political paralysis continues, despite the outrage over Repeated shooting.

In the latest clarification of Deadlock, two Tennessee lawmakers were expelled from the state legislature last A week after the start of a floor protest call for tougher gun controls, in getting up of a deadly Mass shooting at an elementary school in Nashville.

Monday’s mass shooting in Louisville was ranked 146th of the year According to data from the Gun Violence Archives – defined as incidents in four or more people They were shot or killed, except for the aggressor.

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