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Developers Launch Tools for Building Privacy-Focused Solutions with Polygon ID

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Polygon ID developers They released four new tools for Their decentralized identity infrastructure.

Polygon ID calls four tools for building Fair internet

in a tweet on March 5, Polygon said this tools He was allow for building a more fair internet with identity in the center.

Polygon ID is used zeroProof-of-knowledge (ZK), allowing users to verify their identity without trust without revealing their personal identity information.

this system firm on anon3, a protocol Users can use it with confidence prove they access rights without disclosure information.

Under the hood, Polygon ID framework includes the identity bearer, the issuer, and the verifier, and forms what they describe as a “triangle” of trust”.

because of ZK, Polygon ID guarantees user freedom of Expression and privacy by default. This differs from the old mainframe systems where critical Personal information shall be subject to a third party.

Tools include checker software development kit (SDK), issuer node, and wallet SDK. there also Wallet app. Polygon explained that all these tools are compatible with W3C standards.

The auditor is expensive with Verify the proof provided by the holder who controls wallet. In this order, because holder Can access wallet, hmm responsible for creating proofs ZK of Issuing Verifiable Credentials (VCs).

Meanwhile, the source is the entity that gives out VCs to holder.

Under “Triangle” for the polygon ID of Confidence, wallet designed To protect the holder’s privacy and identity.

Data privacy and control

polygon is building An identity infrastructure that facilitates a secure and trusted relationship between integrating dApps and end users.

(embed) https://www.youtubecom/watch? v = 7qQxDz91nCA (/embed)

Platforms with a Polygon ID will protect their user data by default. At the same time, users will have autonomy of their data.

According to Polygon, the companies that choose use I will dissolve them, at any moment, issue Verifiable credentials about its users.

Meanwhile, organizations also Be delegated. they can, on-demandVerify claims via group of tools creature for every member of its ecosystem.

Polygon is a layer 2 solution of Ethereum with higher Scalability and low trading expenses. because of His compatibility with Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), many projects would like to connect with the first Choose a smart contracting platform for deployment on ribbed. Over the years, Polygon developed a active DeFi, NFTs, and gaming environmental system.

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