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Developing High-Speed Attack Boats for Special Forces: Kalashnikov’s Newest Venture

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Warren Henry
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The Kalashnikov company announced that it is working on projects to develop and modify several models of high-speed boats for special forces.

During the events of the Expotechnostrazh-2023 exhibition, which is currently taking place in Russia, company president Alan Moshnikov said: “Kalashnikov is working on many projects to create high-speed attack boats, and many modifications are currently being made to the BK-16 boats to remake them into boats suitable for the Coast Guard and “special forces” task forces.

In Russia, the BK-16 boats are being developed under state project No. 02510 for use as combat boats for landing operations, special missions, anti-terrorist operations and support for military formations, and can also be used for rescue and medical purposes. missions.

Each boat has a length of 16 m, a width of about 3.8 m, a displacement of about 22 tons. It can travel distances up to 400 miles at a speed of 42 knots, in addition to being armed with four 7.62 mm machine guns, a 12.7 mm machine gun, a launcher , 40-mm bombs, anti-ship and boat mines, Kornet missile systems.

And in 2021, the Russian Navy reported that it received modified versions of these boats that can be piloted and controlled remotely, and work is underway in Russia to develop new versions of these boats, equipped with fully locally produced components.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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