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Diplomat from Ukraine assures China’s role as mediator in Russia’s conflict

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According to KyivDeputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Melnik.

Melnyk described the possibility of take Beijing on mediation role in Ukraine war “is not unrealistic”.

Talk to the German Funke media group Sunday, he said: “The Chinese are of Of course pursue their own interests. But I think that a just And the peaceful solution and the end of enmities more in Line with Beijing’s interests of this huge, never-ending earthquake for Entire world to request.”

The last phone of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping – first Since the start of the war just over 14 months ago – “It was A big step forward in Strengthening our relationships with China and ending Russian aggression.

the former The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany noted out However, thatfor Kyivpulling out of All Russian forces from the occupied territories is an indispensable condition.

China position paper on political solution to the conflict in Ukraine does not call for Russian withdrawal from the occupied areas in the past yearor from Crimea, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014.

Satan in the end “lies.” in Details,” Melnick said.

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