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Disney’s Wish: Celebrating 100 Years of Magic with a New Film in 2023

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Disney’s 100th Birthday: A Milestone for Film Culture

When compared to other forms of art, film is still in its early stages. Modern cinema as we know it is just getting started, and the 21st century has already given us some of the most innovative ways to make movies and pushed the limits of the business. Even so, now that it’s 2023, more and more 100th birthdays are happening as screen media hits its most important milestone to date. For example, the BBC will be 100 years old in 2022, and many of the most popular TV shows, like Doctor Who, will have features to mark the occasion. The Academy Awards had their 95th event earlier this year, which was a big deal. Disney’s 100th birthday party in 2023 may be even more important than all of these when you think about its historical importance and effect on film culture.

The Walt Disney Company was started on October 16, 1923, by brothers Walt and Roy. Their groundbreaking take on children’s stories was just as important as their groundbreaking finds in animation. For 100 years, Disney has had a huge effect on the world. Everyone can name at least one Disney movie that had a big impact on their childhood. With their recent purchases of Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, and Marvel Entertainment, Disney is now more powerful than ever on the world film scene. They finally got their streaming service, Disney+, up and running. Considering all of this, it would be safe to assume that Disney has big plans to celebrate this 100-year milestone.

We don’t know exactly how they are celebrating the 100th anniversary, but we do know that a unique film called Wish is coming out. Fans are excited about this movie because it was directed by Chris Buck (Frozen and Pocahontas) and Fawn Veerasunthorn (Zootopia and Moana). So, with this in mind and the movie world’s attention on the Walt Disney Company in 2023, here is everything we know about Disney’s Wish.

Disney’s Wish Cast

  • Chris Pine as King Magnifico

  • Alan Tudyk as Valentino

  • Ariana DeBose as Asha

What Is the Release Date for Disney’s Wish?

Disney’s W is h_

Wish will come out on November 24, 2023, to align with the 100th anniversary, which is just a month away. Even Disney’s projects have been delayed by world events in recent years, so fans will be waiting with their fingers crossed that this release date will be the one that comes true.

People may think that this, like a lot of other Disney projects from the past few years, will go straight to Disney+. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case, as Wish is set to come out in cinemas. Wish is a very important milestone, and theaters have been very important in Disney’s long past, so it makes sense that they would choose this.

Even so, it is likely that Wish will be on Disney+ in 2024, so fans who can’t make it to a likely sold-out theater don’t have to worry too much. Most Disney movies are available to watch about three months after they first come out in theaters.

Is There A Trailer For Wish?

On April 27, 2023, the first public trailer for Wish was sent to us. The teaser didn’t give away a lot of information, but it did show how 2D and 3D animation will be used together. The movie is a great way to celebrate Disney’s 100th birthday, and the mix of old and new animation styles really makes it shine. Check out the Wish video and see for yourself how Disney can make things happen.

Disney shared another short teaser for Wish. It doesn’t tell us anything new, but it does show more of the magical things in the animated movie.

What Is Wish Plot?

Disney’s Wish_

For such a big step, it will be important to know what happens in Wish. Here’s a summary of what happens in Wish:

“Wish Will Follow A Young Girl Named Asha Who Wishes On A Star And Gets A More Direct Answer Than She Bargained For When A Trouble-Making Star Comes Down From The Sky To Join Her. Asha A 17-Year-Old Driven Optimist, And Leader In The Making. She Will Face One Of The Most Formidable Enemies In The Universe And Will Have To Team Up With Star, A Cosmic Force And Boundless Ball Of Pure Energy And Maybe Chaos.”

Millions of Disney fans will find a lot to like in this plot summary, which is causing a lot of buzz as fans wait for the movie to come out. Since this is such an important event, Disney will probably try to find ways to honor their 100 years of history in this movie. For example, the fact that the main figure is 17 is a great example of how much Disney has changed the lives of children over the past 100 years. In this movie, Asha wishes upon a star in a very Disney way. She might even wish upon the same star that so many other famous Disney characters have wished upon. From Pinocchio to Peter Pan, the star has been a very important symbol for Disney. Having our main character team up with what could be the second most famous Disney figure after Mickey Mouse is perfect. Some people think that this movie could be a spiritual prequel to Pinocchio, but that hasn’t been proven.

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