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Doctors Association: 23 thousand deaths in Britain last year due to delayed treatment

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The Independent Association of British Emergency Physicians (RCEM) said that the cause of death of 23,000 people in emergency departments in Britain in 2022 may be the absence of medical attention for a long time during the work of an ambulance.

And according to a study published on the association’s website: “We estimate that there were 23,003 premature deaths among patients in England in 2022 due to their prolonged waiting in emergency rooms and emergency rooms without receiving the necessary medical care.”

According to the study, emergency services and ambulances are currently experiencing an unprecedented crisis, and the death toll is deliberately underreported.

The study says: “Never before have so many patients had to wait so long in the emergency department. In 2022, 1.65 million people had to wait 12 hours or more in the ward for care, which is 4.8 times The 12-hour wait is officially recorded in the reports, which indicates the presence of forgery in the documents and indicates the unreliability of the registration system used.”

It is noteworthy that the British healthcare system (NHS) has been suffering from an acute shortage of medical personnel for many months, with many of them leaving the profession due to tight workloads, high prices and the inability to get better qualifications.

A report released in July by the Health and Social Care Commission indicated that there is a severe shortage of medical personnel in all areas of healthcare in the UK, with hospitals short of 12,000 doctors and more than 50,000 nurses and midwives.

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