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Donald Trump Announces Trial After 2024 Election: Claims Right to Freedom of Expression and Accuses Biden of Corruption

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Former US President Donald Trump’s Trial Delayed Until After 2024 Presidential Election

In a recent post on the social networking site Truth Social, former US President Donald Trump announced that his trial could only take place after the presidential election in 2024. Trump expressed his belief that the trial “should never have happened given my right to freedom of expression and Biden’s massive corruption.”

Trump Condemns Prosecutors’ Request for Trial

Trump strongly criticized the prosecutors’ request to begin his trial on January 2, 2024, in relation to the storming of the Capitol, referring to it as “election interference.”

Other Criminal Charges Faced by Trump

Aside from the Capitol incident, Trump is also facing criminal charges in two other cases. The first case involves violating campaign finance rules, where he allegedly paid a sum to a pornographic actress in exchange for her silence about their relationship. The second case is related to Trump’s possession of classified US national security documents at his summer residence in Florida.

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