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Egypt warns wheat farmers of dangerous disease

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The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation has issued important recommendations for wheat farmers in the current period, emphasizing that the crop is weighing on the ears.

The recommendations of the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that most cultivated wheat varieties are resistant to stagnation, but in Amshar climatic conditions it is necessary to carry out work to protect it from stagnation, especially with the expected occurrence of temporary gusts of active winds in certain periods of time. during this period and at the time of most crops. Wheat is at the stage of ear formation and grain filling.

The Department of Agriculture said that in many cases, dormancy results in yield losses estimated at around 20-25%, and dormancy in wheat crops makes harvesting difficult and increases its cost, just like grain derived from wheat plants. that fell asleep are small and atrophied, so the color of the hay obtained from these plants is dark, not white.

She added that there are genetic reasons – the genetic characteristics of the variety – where there are varieties that are prone to falling asleep, and this is a genetic characteristic of the same variety, especially municipal varieties that have now disappeared.

Source: Cairo 24

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