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Endocrinologist Explains Causes of Male Breast Growth

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Moscow, March 6 – Drinking alcohol negatively affects not only a person’s health, but also his appearance. In particular, a man’s breasts may grow, Zukra Pavlova, an endocrinologist at the Scientific Research Center of Moscow State University, warned in an interview with Sputnik radio.
She said that the male hormone testosterone can be converted into the female hormone estradiol by a specific enzyme whose activity is increased by regular drinking.
You think beer addiction can be particularly harmful to a man’s appearance.
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“You can often see that a man who abuses, say, beer, not only has a beer belly, but also has a rather heavy chest over that belly. And this is caused, among other things, by an excess of flavor (convert testosterone to estradiol, – ed.), and beer derivatives also contain estrogen-like substances, ”explained Pavlova.
Also, endocrinologists do not recommend eating cognac with chocolate.
The doctor added that the conversion of testosterone into estradiol occurs in adipose tissue, and therefore its excess increases the risk of hormonal imbalance. She says stress can also exacerbate the effects of drinking.
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“The main thing is that a man does not have excessively developed adipose tissue, because aromatization, the conversion of testosterone into estradiol, occurs precisely in adipose tissue. It’s like a flame that can be extinguished, or you can throw firewood. Firewood is alcohol, chocolate, stress Pavlova stressed.
The transition to a sober lifestyle will restore hormonal levels, if they have changed due to regular drinking, the doctor is sure.
Zukra Pavlova concluded her speech in an interview with Radio Sputnik: “If the liver was not damaged, which led to the development of cirrhosis, and if alcohol was given up, then the hormonal background will recover on its own.”
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