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Enhancing West Bank Dialogue: Palestinians and Israelis Share Breakfast Together

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dozens of Palestinians and Israelis share a fast- Breakfast dinner in occupied West Bank on the last day of The holy month for Muslims of Ramadan as part of An initiative to establish a dialogue Thursday.

at a Palestinian property Near the Gush Etzion bloc of settlements, in Southern West Bank, an unlikely group of The guests had a meal organized by the “Roots” initiative.

Breakfast is a rare attempt at dialogue middle a spike in violence in Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since the Six Day War in 1967.

(we) group of people who wants to end the situation of Violence and hatred among members of The Palestinian partner, Khaled Abu Awad, said, “Al-Shaaban” in The initiative.

Two brothers have been killed in Conflict while numerous family Israel imprisoned members.

Among the approximately 50 guests were some Israeli settlers.

Alaa is a Palestinian from Jerusalem who He requested that his surname not be published for For security reasons he said he was attending for the first time and I didn’t feel very comfortable with the people here.”

But the 25-year- named it “big mistakeNot talking to the Israelis, by saying that building may “relationship” help The Palestinians achieve each other of its goals.

About three million Palestinians live in The occupied West Bank along with hundreds of thousands of Israelis live in Settlements that are illegal under international Law.

new letter

The “Roots” initiative, known by its Hebrew name “Shurashim” or “Jodor”. in Arabia, was established in 2014 for adoption dialogue between the two sides of The Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

the traditional The Palestinian dishes were prepared under the supervision of a rabbinic so that religious Jews could who Maintain a kosher diet rules Can enjoy the food.

Honoring at Iftar Muhammad A 33-year- From a neighboring village who He works in building in Israel.

He recently rescued an Israeli couple in West Bank when a group of The Philistines surrounded them car And they threw them with stones.

“she spoke with they in Hebrew, I told them to enter here (my house), and I told them: “You are safe and no one can harm you,” he said, without mentioning his name for Security reasons.

Jacob medic f father of The man who helped him said he was attending a Roots party. event for the first time in To thank the person who Sono saved him who He is a soldier.

“(I) think meetings of This kind can contribute to changing the situation,” Yacoub said, who I just gave him first name to protect it son.

Shaul Gudelman one of Co-managers of the initiative, aware that there is a significant degree of “resistance” to such events Which can be considered “betrayal”.

Gudelman called for a “new dialogue on conflict,” he said, adding that “most Palestinians do not attack us. “

Violence intensified last year But it got worse in West Bank since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned to it office in December in to rule coalition with Ultra-Orthodox Jews and allies of the far-right.

the government of Netanyahu who He is on trial for corruption on He denies charges, and vowed to continue expanding of West Bank settlements.

Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem in 1967 war in the Middle East. The Palestinians seek those areas for they future Independent country.

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