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Environmentalists find abandoned teddy bear along Yakutia’s roadside

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Yakutsk, April 20 – A lonely bear cub was picked up by ecologists of the Tombonsky district on the side of the road, and it is being taken to veterinarians in the city of Yakutsk, reports the press service of the Ministry of Ecology and the Department of Nature and Forestry of the republic.
Social media users circulated a video clip of a bear cub “begging” for food from passing motorists.
According to the agency, a lonely child was found on the side of the road in the Tomponski district on the highway between Khandija and Jebariki Khaya.
“The Ministry of Environment reported that the Department of Hunting and Specially Protected Natural Areas decided to hunt the missing animal. My operational team of experienced hunters left Yakutsk. So far, the bear has been caught and is safe,” the press service reported.
The cub is said to be doing well. He is taken to the city of Yakutsk for veterinarians. “Depending on the condition of the predator, another case related to its release to the natural habitat or to a temporary detention center for its rehabilitation will be decided,” the ministry added.
Teddy bear at the Tiger Animal Rescue Center - 1920, 03/28/2023

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