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Essential medical guidance for individuals with cardiovascular illness

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According to cardiologist Svetlana Beazrova, high summer temperatures increase cases of high blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, myocardial infarction and stroke.

In an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, the specialist points out that it is not recommended to leave the house in extreme heat, and the best time for walking is before ten in the morning, the maximum is before 12 noon. Or in the evening after four o’clock, and best of all after six o’clock. This means that those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases need to stay in a well-ventilated room during hot weather, preferably with air conditioning.

According to them, transport and crowded places should be avoided as much as possible.

She says: “You need to drink enough water, even if a person suffers from heart failure, at 40-60 milliliters per kilogram of body weight. Because with hyperhidrosis, the body loses a large amount of fluid, that is, it loses a large proportion of the necessary potassium and magnesium. For normal heart function and to compensate for the lack of fluid, it is preferable to drink clean chilled water, juices or fermented milk products.

At the same time, the specialist warns against drinking coffee and alcohol in hot weather. He also advises to reduce smoking to a minimum, and it is best to give up this bad habit.

The doctor emphasizes the need to pay attention to nutrition, as it is better to refrain from eating fried and fatty foods, and eat more fruits, vegetables and lean fish.

She says: “It is recommended to wear light clothing in light colors made from natural fabrics with a headdress. And reduce physical activity as much as possible, and not work with your head tilted down, as this can cause an increase in pressure.

The specialist warns everyone who suffers from heart disease from taking a contrast shower (hot-cold), as this can cause vasospasm and, as a result, myocardial infarction.

“It is important to continue taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor and follow all his advice and instructions,” she says.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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