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Ethereum Foundation tech Powers invasive portfolio transactions

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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The BLS Wallet, a specialized Ethereum bi-layer wallet, has launched an integration with The smart contract layer is the second layer of Ethereum protocol Metis (METIS) – promising deals.

in announcement subscriber with encryption new Integration will facilitate onboarding web 3.0 application of web 2.0 user. This will be achieved through free pre-funded transactions for end user and social key recovery Minimize the consequences of private key Poor handling – among others.

developers using The Metis ecosystem is free to change between BLS Wallet or regular Transactions and Web 2.0 users easily through gas-free transactions that make interactions more is similar to traditional web Interface interactions without digital assets Involvement.

the protocol also allows for Signature compilation results in Many transactions are processed as one big The deal is to save costs.

all of these features put together result in What James Zaki – project lead In BLS portfolio, privacy and expansion explorations group —called “account stripping.”

Account abstraction will change how users experience Web3. “

James Zaki project lead in the BLS portfolio.

BLS wallet part of Privacy Explorations and Expansion team Supported by the Ethereum Foundation.

the announcement Evaluation follows of Competing wallet Blocto Wallet rising 700% having Series A financing round that was participating of Notable investors like Mark Cuban and 500 Global.

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