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Ethereum Outshines Bitcoin, Incurs $743M Expenses in 6 Months

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Gherardo Fiorenzo
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Ethereum (ETH) is still in the lead dog When it comes to obstetric fees in blockchain worldindicating his unshakable adoption and growth.

In a report released on April 10, blockchain data firm Token Terminal open Created by Ethereum more from double Fees of its closest competitor over the past six Months in 743 million dollars in Cumulative daily fee.

Meanwhile, Ethereum’s closest competitor, TRON, produced less than half 282 million dollars, with bitcoin (BTC) generate just less than $80 million over the same period.

Low Ethereum fees remain a challenge for Non-whale users

Token Terminal emphasizes the importance of Examination fee as a key metric, as is highlights Which protocols are really in use And the signs persisted growth for environmental system. Uniswap follows closely behinddrop in third place with $269 million in generated fees over the past six Months.

Furthermore, BitInfoCharts reports relatively low average transaction fees for Ethereum of About $4.70, which makes it a little less painful for users than expected. However, this fee remains challenge non-whale users, who You may prefer to explore alternative networks.

Layer 2 networks offer solutions

Layer-2 networks have emerged as a promising solution to address high transaction costs, with Arbitrum One ranked sixth-highest in terms of generated fees. According to Crypto Charts, a daily average has been generated of $236,000 in expenses over the past week.

L2fees reports that making an Ethereum transaction only costs $0.06 on Ariptrum network and $0.17 for a token switch. However, due to the optimistic cumulative technologyit can take up for a week to withdraw Ethereum from networkSubmit restrictions.

Despite the undeniable dominance of Ethereum in Generating fees, their prices have remained stagnant over the past 24 hours, hovering around $1,859. He. She remains in the shadow of bitcoin that has been standardized for the past three weeks. With Shanghai Coming (Chabela) hard fork on April 12, more It could be turbulence on horizon.

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