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EU Official Asserts Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Worthiness for Membership

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Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves to be a part of European Union, Commissioner of the bloc for Neighborhood and expansion said wed.

European Commissioner for Neighborhood and expansion statements were made by Oliver Varhelyi at a high level political forum in The capital, Sarajevo.

Forum was hosted by the board of Ministers and senior officials attended of Bosnia, including deputies of The two entities in Bosnia – the Confederation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska.

We (the European Union) believe that people of Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves to be in European Union. BiH is expected in European Union as a member.

European Council in December last year BiH granted candidate status for European Union membership.

According to Varhelyi, the situation helped Bosnia form a government And set a budget in record time.

He said that Bosnia and Herzegovina should Fulfill the 14 priorities set by the European Union.

“we need Bosnia and Herzegovina is and will remain our ally. At a time when Russia is at war against Ukraine and Europe need everyone of his allies added.

the boss of the Council of Minister Borgana Cristo said her country was ready for United State membership practical.

“We received a clear A message from the European Union that Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs to the Union. All reps in Bosnia and Herzegovina is ready for United State membership practical. I’m very happy with Christo said.

BiH priorities are joining political and economic community of European countries along with joining NATO.

The Balkan country became a likely candidate for bloc during the European Council summit in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2003.

It has been officially applied for European Union membership in 2016.

Candidacy status is first step in long country-term process of joining the European Union.

After a country is granted candidate status, accession negotiations begin begin in The stages, provided that the conditions met.

Accession negotiations can take years begin.

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