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European Union helicopter appearance over Chisinau sparks opposition criticism

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Chisinau, May 9 – By flying an EU-flagged helicopter over Chişinău, the Moldovan leadership showed complete disrespect for the country’s citizens and the memory of those who fell in the name of victory, Ilan Shor, leader of the opposition Shur party, said in a comment. To the News Agency on Tuesday.
And earlier, during the preparation for the solemn procession in honor of Victory Day, a military helicopter flew over the Chisinau region several times, carrying the flag of the European Union. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova explained these actions by the symbolic completion of the Moldovan-Polish exercises on Europe Day, which took place for seven days and were timed to coincide with the preparations for the summit of the European political group.
“You know, it seems that the Moldovan authorities have finally gone crazy, allowing a military helicopter to fly with the EU flag, which is a sign of complete disrespect for the memory of all those who fell in the name of victory. Today is really a big holiday. People in Moldova remember the heroes who liberated the country And Europe from the fascists. In fact, the act of the current regime is a pure provocation. Whom did the authorities decide to intimidate? Their compatriots, who took a victory parade to honor the memory of Soviet soldiers. ”
The politician stressed that for the majority of Moldovans, May 9 is Victory Day, not Europe’s Day.
The day before, the National Coordination Committee of Pobeda announced the organization of the Victory March and the Immortal Regiment March on May 9 and invited them to leave in one common column, without any party symbols. Representatives of the Socialist Party, the Communist Party, as well as various social movements responded to the call, agreeing to carry out a single nationwide action – the “Immortal Regiment” march. A separate action for memory was held by the opposition party “Shor”.
Moldovan flags near the parliament building in Chişinău - 1920, 09/05/2023

The Moldovan authorities refused to consider Victory Day a holiday

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