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European Union Receives Reports of Barcelona Case from Spanish Federation

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The Spanish Football Federation released an official statement suing FC Barcelona on allegations of corruption and bribery after the complaint was accepted by a referee.

Spanish prosecutors have convicted Barça in a case of corruption and providing suspicious amounts of money to José María Negrere, the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee of the Spanish federation.

The League confirmed that the reports and all documents have been sent to the European Union Integrity Department, where the Federation is cooperating with the relevant authorities to facilitate the investigation, and that the European Union has been informed of the court appearance.

Official.. Spanish federation sends Barcelona case reports to European Union

The union said in a statement: “It is worth reaffirming RFEF’s unconditional commitment to this matter and launching an internal investigation as soon as the issue becomes known. The federation is always ready to cooperate, wants to see things through to the end, and, in turn, requires the necessary and desired calmness, which helps to reduce the tension that has arisen regarding arbitration. It’s not good for football. The application of justice takes time and the proof of those facts that can be recognized as illegal.”

It concludes: “The Spanish Football Federation would like to thank the CTA, which brings together all the referees who are currently doing their job in professional football, and which, in turn, has received tremendous support from great refereeing legends. who have contributed to the growth of our football in the past. Thanks to each of them.”

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