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Ex-CIA analyst reaches out to uncover source of leaked US records

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Washington, April 11 – Former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi told RIA that the recent leaks of classified Pentagon documents to the media were most likely the result of the actions of one person in the US leadership who did not agree with President Joe Biden’s administration’s security policy. Novosti.
In his view, one can only guess how long it will take the US authorities to find out the culprit – given that hundreds of officials likely gained access to the data leaked to the network. At the same time, the interlocutor notes that the Pentagon ordered the use of “serious resources” to catch the criminal.
And the former CIA officer predicts: “Today it became known that they study the personal files of employees and limit access to future briefings of this kind. I assume that polygraph tests of potential suspects will begin soon.”
At the same time, Giraldi has made it clear that he is not inclined to overestimate the importance of the leaked data and believes that this event could jeopardize any specific US initiatives that are already being implemented or are still planned.
The analyst concluded, “It would be wrong to consider this a serious security breach, given the actual damage, which goes beyond this serious disgrace on the part of the Pentagon.”
The Pentagon is currently investigating a leak on the social network of materials describing the state of the Ukrainian forces and plans of the United States and NATO to strengthen them. The New York Times noted that the documents, dated early March, were allegedly distributed in “Russian pro-government cable channels”. It was claimed that more than 100 documents could have accessed the Internet, and the damage caused by what happened is estimated to be significant. The Pentagon has already informed the News Agency that they are studying information about the leak. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, in response to a question about the leak, that the Russian Federation has no doubts that the United States and NATO are directly or indirectly involved in the conflict.
Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on an armored personnel carrier - 1920, 10/04/2023

The leaked US documents contain scenarios of Israeli arms supplies to Ukraine

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