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Exclusive: Inside the Mid-air Spat between Ronaldo and Girlfriend – Georgina Fires Back

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There are still rumors of a strained relationship between Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend, model Georgina Rodriguez, amid talk of an imminent breakup between them.

Rumors have begun about the current Saudi Al-Nasr striker’s rocky relationship with the mother of his two daughters, Georgina, as he moved to play in the Kingdom.

The latest of these rumors was what was published by the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo, referring to a private jet crew member, Ronaldo, whose identity was not released, as he spoke of an intense discussion and a month-old quasi-argument that took place between them on the plane.

A member of the plane, who did not reveal his identity, said in statements released to Mundo Deportivo: “Georgina got on the plane very angry with Cristiano. She didn’t say hello to anyone until Cristiano settled the situation with the flight crew. But they didn’t speak throughout flight that lasted several hours to New York.”

Georgina continues to post photos of herself with Ronaldo through her official social media accounts and the last thing she posted is Astori on Instagram with the lyrics of the song in which she says: “Envious people make up a rumor, a slanderer spreads it and an idiot believes it ”, meaning the denial of what was said.

The duo have been in a long-term relationship since 2016, which resulted in Georgina having two of Ronaldo’s five children.

Source: “Media”

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