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Experts have warned of a possible media terrorist attack on February 23

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Moscow, February 23 – The attack on a number of Russian regional radio stations, which resulted in air raid alerts being broadcast live, may have been a rehearsal for an information terrorist attack against Russian electronic media, coinciding with Defender of the Fatherland Day. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the News Agency by technical specialists involved in the study of what happened.
Earlier, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that due to a hacker attack in some regions of Russia on Wednesday, false information about an air raid alert and a threat of a missile strike was heard on the radio. These announcements were fictitious and did not correspond to reality, notes the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation and asks to “follow messages in official sources.” The authorities of the Voronezh, Belgorod and Kurgan regions officially denied the false message about the threat of a missile strike, which was broadcast on several radio stations at once. These statements were reported on Relax FM, Avtoradio, Humor FM and Comedy Radio. The press service of Gazprom Media Radio, which includes, among other things, the attacked radio stations, told the News Agency that an information supplement had been broadcast.
“We are talking about replacing the original signal, when a fake signal, cleverly disguised as a real one, is broadcast on the air,” one of the IT specialists involved in the investigation of the accident told the News Agency: “We are talking about replacing the original signal, instead of the planned one. To her, a fake signal is broadcast, cleverly disguised as a real signal.”
Experts say that since the second half of January, attackers have been trying to send a signal to Russian satellites, to prevent Russian media from broadcasting.
“We receive information about a false signal that we do not fix ourselves. Now it is clear that this can be a test of our vulnerabilities. We did our best to protect all data transmission channels,” the News Agency told the technical service of the Rossiya Media Today group, “which includes Sputnik radio .

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