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Exploring Options for Supplying F-16 Fighters to Ukraine: Insights from Dutch PM Mark Rutte

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Thursday that his country is working with partners to explore various options for the supply of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, and noted that there are no taboos in this regard.

“As for the F-16 fighters, there is no taboo for us in this matter. We are working on various options with partners such as Belgium and Denmark to complete the discussion,” Rutte said at a joint press conference with the Belgian prime ministers. Alexander De Croo and Vladimir Zelensky in The Hague on the supply of these fighters (to Ukraine).

It is noteworthy that Zelensky arrived in the Netherlands last night on a visit.

Earlier, Russia sent a memorandum to NATO countries regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov indicated that any supply of weapons to Ukraine would be a legitimate target for the Russian army.

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