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Exploring Singapore’s Iconic Warships

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Warren Henry
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The military website Jane’s reports that Singapore is modifying and modernizing its warships.

On this occasion, the commander of the First Fleet of the Singapore Navy said: “In 2024, Singapore will begin a program to modernize the Grozny warships to increase the combat capabilities of these ships.”

He added: “The main frigate of the Grozny group of frigates, which began service with the Singaporean army in 2007, will be the first ship to undergo major modernization operations under the aforementioned program.

And Singapore’s Defense Minister pointed out last March that all Grozny frigates in the country’s army would undergo modernization operations when their service life reached about half.

Currently, the Singapore Navy has 6 Grozny-class frigates, all of which were commissioned between 2007 and 2009. Each of these ships has a length of 114.8 m and a width of 16.3 m, can move at a speed of 27 knots and overcome 4200 km. nautical miles per mission.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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